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„On your right you see Pleven Epopee 1877, more commonly known as Pleven Panorama, that depicts the events of the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-78, specifically the five-month Siege of Plevna (Pleven Epopee) which made the city internationally famous and which contributed to the Liberation of Bulgaria after five centuries of Ottoman rule. That is the most popular building in Pleven!“ - chats guide to full bus of tourists. Strangely enough we got the same building on our this week's mix cover. So Mondayjazz suggest you take an excursion to bulgarian beats scene with a guidance of Hibrid - 22 years old Pleven (Bulgaria) native who's been making beats since 2007-2008. His Future Repeat isn't an entirely bulgarian, but you can get a good glimpse at local production (including Hibrid himself). The most pleasant discovery is that bulgarian posse represent level of quality that is not a tiny bit worse than of those established international names. And before the bus to sunny Bulgaria takes off, here are some words for the road by your host Hibrid : “ Hibrid is hybrid between analog and digital sound or future repeat / retro futurism / retro sci-fi ! Choped rare/very popular samples from everything i like/find with effects, offbeat/swing/shifted beats + heavy synths and bass ! Big up for the bulgarian beat scene - 1000names, Auditory Ossicles, Medea in trap (1/2 of Undefined Patterns = Hibrid+Medea in trap), Parallel Concept, It`s Personal and Goroe for the inspiration ! Also big up for my people - Sando, Teo, Tosh, SLAV, EL, Gecata (the skot), Rutsi, and Iavor !!!“
Artwork by SLAV

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Yo-Yo Tape
by Nes vis tiek čia mano gyvenimas

by JGB

Peeking Through Blinds
by Mishele Cox

The Autumn Sun
by 4&1/2 fingers

Melodies For Birdwatching
by Soulix

by fitz ambro$e

a hello mix
by phalf

Dem Double Espressoes
by boikafé

The Videotape
by Justas Fresh & Egle Suckmafinger

Monday Is Slow
by Kisszanto
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